W8SDR Repeaters

Serving the West Chester Ohio area and beyond!

W8SDR Brandmeister DMR      Users
Hytera RD982U DMR Repeater
443.7375 + 5 MHz   Color Code 1
W8SDR Local = Talk Group 313976 Color Code 1, Repeater Slot 2
All other Talk Groups are Color Code 1, Repeater Slot 1

DMR Nets…   (all times EST)
Monday 9:15 pm Oklahoma TG 3140
Tuesday 8:00 pm Texas Statewide TG 3148
Wednesday 8:00 pm Ohio Statewide TG 3139
Wednesday 9:00 pm North America Tech Net TG 93
Thursday 9:00 pm Arkansas TG 3105
Friday 9:00 pm Tennessee TG 3147
Saturday 12:00 pm World Wide TG 91
Sunday 8:00 pm South Florida TG 31124
Sunday 9:00 pm DMR Track TG 31489

Links of Interest…
Ohio Section ARES Map
Ohio Section DMR
BrandMeister Hoseline
Gary – W8SDR  

DMR Links      Amateur Radio Links      Video Podcast

General Information
Ohio Statewide Talk Group 3139
Ohio DMR Net Wednesday 8:30 pm TG 3139

W8SDR Conventional Analog
BridgeCom BCR-40U
444.9750 + 5 MHz   Tone 162.2 Hz

W8SDR-L – EchoLink Node 279356
145.650 MHz Simplex

Last edit: 4/2/2018


Author: W8SDR

Amateur Radio has been a part of my life since getting my Novice License back in 1967. In October of 2011, I upgraded to the Extra class license. Retirement provides me the time to take full advantage of Amateur Radio. I'm having more fun than ever.

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